Workshops and Events Organised

Workshop “Reassessing the Relationship between Explanation and Phenomenology”, Institut für Philosophie, Leipzig, October 04-07, 2021, co-organized with Heath Williams (University of Notre Dame, Australia)

European Society for Philosophy and Psychology Conference, LFE, Leipzig, August 30- September 2, 2021, co-organized with Katrin Felgenhauer

Research colloquium of the Leipzig Research Center for Early Childhood:, 2015-2020

“The Primacy of Metaphysics”, a conference with Christopher Peacocke, Institut für Philosophie, Leipzig, June 24-15, 2019, co-organized with Sebastian Rödl

Workshop on “Why we Cooperate”, LFE, Leipzig, November 12-13, 2018, co-organized with Benjamin Reimann

Symposium on “Departments statt Lehrstühle”, Junge Akademie, June 2018, co-organized with Jule Specht & Christian Hof

Workshop “Refugees Welcome?”, Junge Akademie, May 13, 2016, co-organized with Silja Klepp & Magdalena Nowick

Workshop on “Minimal Mindreading” , University of Magdeburg, November 6-8, 2014, co-organized with Ramiro Glauer

You can browse the list of events I organized in my role as Deputy Director of the Forum for European Philosophy in London here.